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Well, everything was looking just fine in the build up to Aprils auction, but little did we know what was about to hit us. The Coronavirus seemed to be in another world when we first started talking about it, then all of a sudden we were on lockdown. With 10 days to go the Ageas Bowl Cricket Ground closed for the whole of April, so the wheels had to be put in motion to switch to an online auction.


But, it all happened, just as planned on the 1st April. The event obviously lacked the atmosphere of our traditional room setting and although we sensed that some people were a little less confident about bidding in this format, those that wanted to buy still bought and those that didn’t have started making offers since.


In total with the pre-auction and on the day sales, we sold and exchanged on 5 of the lots. There are obviously a few opportunities left from the catalogue and possibly some of those together with our new instructions will be offered in our next auction on the 20th May.


Steve Sprake

Pearsons Auctioneer