Before every auction sale we are asked “Can I offer and buy before the auction day?” Well you can always put forward an offer though many sellers will be hesitant to negotiate as one reason to using an auction is to avoid making a decision on price. If the offer is higher than expected they may sell although there is a risk that they might refuse the offer and raise the reserve price! Properties bought prior to the auction are almost never a bargain. So it’s a gambler choice and it is, more often than not, better to register interest with the auctioneer but keep you powder dry and bid on the day.

about 26%, that’s more than a quarter, of sales agreed on property fall through between agreeing and exchanging contracts? How long on average do the remaining sales take to reach exchange? You could of course sell by auction.

On the 10th December Pearsons Auctioneers will be offering properties in need of work with scope to enhance and increase value with guide prices from £75,000 for a house in Southampton to £275,000 for a chalet in Bedhampton near Havant.