Pearsons have been instructed to offer 33 Pelham Road, Gosport at auction, unless previously sold, on the 1st May 2013. Uninhabitable and unmortgageable so cash buyers only. Guide £65,000 – £75,000.

The market seems to have been in the doldrums for a long time. The giddy times of 2008 seem historic and we have almost got used to bumping along the bottom. But, dare I say it, there are clear signs of a change. The most immediate sign is the pronounced rise in the number of enquiries we are receiving at the auction department with each lot attracting a good level of interest. Then there are those coming to block viewings (I held one on Saturday and froze over a couple of hours in an un-occupied house) keeping us busy with people arriving before the previous viewer had said goodbye. The financial advisor I use tells me there are now some 80% loan to value deals for buy to let purchasers. Rents have risen and the return on investment with residential properties is now upwards of 6%. That coupled with the 84% success of our last auction gives me great confidence. If you have some cash to invest I think now is the time to buy.

We are receiving a lot of enquiries from cash buyers for property in the Portsmouth area. The condition is not important to some who want a “project” house or bungalow and flats or houses close to the city are much requested by landlord buyers. If you are selling a vacant or tenanted property in Portsmouth and surrounds call the Auctioneer for a free appraisal.

We are instructed to offer a building plot with planning in the lovely seaside town of Sandown on the Isle of Wight. Stunning contemporary design for a 3 bedroom house. Guide £40,000. Also we will be offering a detached bungalow in sought-after Sarisbury Green built some 11 years ago for the builders father with drive, garage, central heating etc. Guided at £170,000. There are a further 3 lots so far and we would be delighted to receive other instructions. Contact the auctioneer.

Properties for Sale at AuctionMUST BE SOLD

12 Tennyson Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2GW
Large family house on two floors with 4 bedrooms, bathroom, 3 reception rooms, WC and kitchen
Currently let on a Period Tenancy producing £6,720 pa (with scope to increase)
To view call 023 8023 3288


Tip 2 – Preparing you property for viewings.

The first thing a potential buyer looks at is where the property is, then at the asking price, the size (number of bedrooms etc.) and the headline photograph.

You cannot do anything about the location or size so you need to concentrate on the aspects you can influence.

The correct pricing is essential and your property should compare well with others on the market. Listen to your agent’s advice and keep in mind the real reason to sell, usually this is not just to make every last penny.

To succeed in any competitive market is not convenient or easy. If a seller takes a bit of trouble when selling they will enhance the chances of a quicker sale at a better price. Generally when you go on the market is not the time to spend money on your property, to work for you this means putting at least the same amount on the price and risk losing competitive advantage. There is however an enormous amount of effort, time and trouble that can be beneficial.

Go out of your property to the street, walk slowly back, looking around you. Anything you notice that could be better should be noted, often there are little things like the guttering could be cleaned, the ceiling of the porch could do with a lick of paint, the litter in the flower bed should be removed, the edge of the lawn trimmed, the letterbox cover polished. Each a tiny thing but if all done will give the impression of a well kept property at the very beginning of a viewing. Good first impressions are vital. Then go round each room and check there are no finger prints round the switches and handles or along the door edges, all the bulbs are working, there are no trailing wires, no dead or dying flowers in the vase and all the surfaces are clear and shining. Look out of the window, is it clean, is the cill clear and clean? Also check there is nothing in you line of vision outside that you could improve on.

The headline photograph should be the view of the property from the street. If it’s not buyers will be less inclined to look further, they will assume there is a negative reason to not show the front. Exceptions to this include a real “wow-factor” like a picture of an amazing garden, view or kitchen but do be careful that the headline photograph sells the whole of the property. Do not accept a poor photograph. Take the trouble to cut the lawn, clean the windows, move the bins and parked cars, straighten the curtains and generally make a huge fuss about this part of the presentation. The same goes for internal pictures. Toys and towels on view will distract from what you want shown.

Clear away clutter even if this means boxing up some of the children’s toys, the kitchen utensils that will not fit in the cupboards and drawers, the extra coats and boots, the books for which there are no shelves and the paper-work waiting to be filed. A tidy property will always look more appealing and will often seem bigger.

Be aware of smells. The odour of cooking can be off putting so avoid preparing a meal, even toast, just before an appointment, stop smoking indoors, steer clear of strong smelling air fresheners, paint, and too much bleach in the loo, and ensure any pets are clean and dry.

Work with your agent to plan when viewings can take place. You do need to be flexible but it will make life on the market considerably more bearable if you plan a little. It may help to designate certain days when viewing can or cannot take place, for instance you might wish to keep Sunday completely free or you might wish to not have viewers round on Tuesdays. If the agent knows in advance it is rare that he/she will not be able to get viewers to accept some limitations as to when they can view. Clearly you must be careful not to be awkward and agreeing off limit times in advance can go a long way to avoid annoying buyers. The available time must always include weekend viewing of course.

An overcrowded room is not a good thing. When someone is viewing keep the number of people in the property to a minimum. Some sellers leave accompanying the buyers to the agent but whether the agent is there or not, the family, friends and visitors should all go out during the viewing. Dogs should be absent too.

Sounds distract and will make your viewers uncomfortable, the opposite of how you want them to feel, so television and radio must be off. You are selling what you are selling so let the buyers see it and get a feel for it. Disguising noise from the road with music will not help; people will immediately see through this ploy and be even less likely to choose your property.

Remember nothing comes from nothing, make the effort and you will lengthen the odds of getting the best result.

Pearsons announce the following price changes.

• Lot 2 49 Highfield Crescent, Southampton, SO17 1SG Guide now £250,000
• Lot 3 12 Tennyson Road, Southampton, SO17 2GW Guide now £170,000
• Lot 5 101 Percy Road, Southampton, SO16 4LP Guide now £130,000

To see these properties please call 023 80 233288 or 023 80 474274