Pearsons auction on 1st May is featuring property and land on the Island. The auctioneer, Toby Wheatley will be available here on Thursday 7th March. To arrange to meet him or for an appraisal call 023 80 474274

Tip 1 – Make sure you choose the right estate agent to advise you.

A) Speak to everyone you know and find out what they think about the local firms. You can usually find several people with a house moving storey to tell and if the same firm come up for good or bad it is an indication.
B) Check round the area your house is in and count the estate agents boards. Keep a note of how many are “For Sale” and how many read “Sold”. If there are firms with large numbers of “for Sale” boards and very few “Sold” ones this is a warning sign. If there are firms with no boards at all there is likely to be a reason.
C) “Mystery shop” the agents. Go into their offices and look for a house like yours and see how they treat their buyers. You may want to get a friend who will not be known to the agents to do this for you.
D) It seems too obvious to say but it is also a good idea to think about the experiences you had the last time you dealt with an agent. If they were good or bad, again this is an indicator.
E) Pick the best two or three firms and arrange appointments for them to come to your house to “value” it. Leave enough time, at least half an hour, to discuss your move with them and find out what they offer their clients.

Then you will be in a position to make a well-educated choice.

Research has shown some interesting facts about choosing an agent. The most popular way to choose a short-list is on name/brand familiarity. The final choice most popularly made is on a combination, in equal measures, of the highest pricing of the property and the lowest level of fees.

The most successful method of choice (were the agent went on to perform and impress) is to go on personal recommendation or past experience (and this was the least used method).

The greatest level of dissatisfaction was from the seller who went with the most popular method by going with the agent who put the highest price on the house, very closely followed by those who chose on the lowest fees.

With the right estate agent in your corner you will have a much less stressful time and may well end up with more money from your sale.

Toby Wheatley Pearsons Auctioneer email

The Pearsons Auction set for the 1st May is creating a lot of interest from sellers wishing to offer both land and properties in Hampshire. It is perhaps just the market is picking up although there is a good aguement that the spring months of March and April are the best time to find the most buyers and highest demand. The Easter weekend has been traditionally thought to be the busiest time for house sales. If you are building on a plot buying now certainly gives the best chance of the British weather allowing the project to move along quickly. So, if you are a vendor wishing to complete your sale plans in 2013 and to arrange an appraisal contact Toby Wheatley or Emily Woods.

The property market is certainly not in a boom but it is not dead either. There are buyers looking and many are ready, willing and able now. The trick is finding them. If you really want to sell you should consider selling by auction. So often sellers are surprised by the amount of demand there is for their property.

If there is too much choice it is hard to choose.

So imagine your ideal buyers have the money to buy, they know the market is slow and there should be a bargain out there somewhere; they want to take advantage of their ability to buy now and do the “deal of a lifetime”.

First they go to the internet to see what there is.

On one national property portal there are over 300 house advertisements between £200,000 and £250,000 in Southampton, about the same number in Eastleigh, Portsmouth and Fareham. In fact Hampshire is awash with well over 1000 homes for sale in this price range alone.

Remembering that they want to make the “deal of a lifetime”, how do they narrow the search without missing the ideal property?

The number of bedrooms doesn’t really matter, the exact location is not important and the type of property is not a priority. What is really important is whether the seller will sell at the right price and there isn’t a way to select properties on that criterion! How do they know which properties to look at?

If they want to “cut to the chase” they may well go directly to the auctioneers sites. Here they have a choice of properties were the sellers have demonstrated that they really want or need to sell. The auctioneers clients have paid to have their property entered into the auction, they will have paid for a solicitor to provide a legal pack and they have decided on a method of sale which discriminates against buyers who cannot or will not go ahead and buy now. They will only face competition from other buyers willing to commit on the day. This is where a buyer believes he could find the “deal of a lifetime”.

Investment houses in Southampton, lots 2, 3 & 5 are available to view from noon on Saturday 2nd March. Call to book a slot on 023 80 233288


The catalogue for the auction on the 5th March is out now. Download from the site at or call for a printed copy.